Sheer Black Lace Nail Art

Nail Art Designs . I’ve got a few tips and tricks today I’m how to do that beautiful sheer lack late and really like this designing on short nails or long let’s get started I always wondered where you get that sheer black polish and then it hit me that you make it you get a bottle of clear you take your black you drop a few drops in you shake it and it makes it to see through black is beautiful but don’t make the mistake such as i did i did it and i gotta say I guess I got a little crazy with my black and i put in too much.

Sheer Black Lace Nail Art

so I ended up with this and you can see it is sheer than black you can see this is pure black that’s the color a mixed too many drops of black polish in it and this is the one I seek see how much here it is it’s gorgeous so mix up your potion first before you do this design and once you get that here we go this is what we’re going to do so we’re going to take that black mixture that you made make sure you label it too because it looks quite black in the bottom as you can see and it still looks like black polish so do label I haven’t done yet ok and then you paint your nail is evenly as you can to create that she look I have one nail here that is a long edge nail by using that to do them on long but short can be so cute that’s what I love about this design and most designs is you can do them on long and short as well so I decided rather than long all the time.

I’ll have one long nail as an accent nail and then show you what it looks like on short let me get best taste of both worlds ok so there you have your sheer painted nails now i’m going to do this with my calligraphy pen and my calligraphy inc ok so on that note this has to be dry before we paint it on there you can do this with stamping and get a stamping lace design and then do the stamping it doesn’t have to be purely dry so right now I’m just going to let this dry so it only takes about five minutes to dry and that’s where we’re at now so i got my calligraphy ink and this is my calligraphy pen well used the graffiti bent you can do this with a stamp and even decals – we have a lacy decals those look really cool too but I like the freedom of being able to just paint it and if you have don’t have any ideas just look at a piece of lace or you can just look at a lacy dress or a piece of lingerie or something just to get an idea and then just start trying it on and you can make it up as you go which is generally what I try to do.

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I just think about what place does all these little tiny details fabric and thread kind of sticking out I think we’ll make it relatively uniform – they’re not all different that looks kind of cool to having sort of the same try to do some netting down here see what that looks like this is where your paints not dry you’ll get your polish at this point and then if you do just wait till it shines need more paint it gets going up a little just clean it this little dish of cleaner now just take a cotton pad just wipe it all away just to clean it up if they can be a little bit finicky sometimes so it looks like we’re coming with a little lace design and then you can have a dotting tool – I think I’ll use this guy – pretty fine tip you can make the dots with this tool as well actually but the dotting tool is really accurate in the dots because it’s a lace i wanted to be very great look it so I’m just gonna just place little dots down here ok so i’m just going to continue pretty much trying to do the same pattern on every single nail on the same side so it has kind of a flow this way I might get a little crazy when it comes to that big finger but let’s just go for it you need a bit of a steady hands you might want to put it down on something to do it I have to look at my other one to see what I think I suppose it doesn’t have to be exactly the same but i’m going to go in a roundabout way to make it look pretty close i can remember what I did spend three minutes i can’t remember obviously those detail do you want and or as simple as you want you know I’ve never actually tried this with any other color but it might look need to have like it sheer pink and then do a pink color / talk if you can find a pink paint job is good and we could do it with aplomb like a dart board our wine color and even white like a sheer white for sheer pink with a white over top of it so pretty #NAME? ok getting i am going to use my dotting tool but you know i’m going to go through all the lace first because the more I’d stop this calligraphy and the more wants to be clean and I don’t want to be anything that I have to so do this then i’ll tak everything with my dotting tool do all the dots you know place has that little will kind of lace trim oh you what you can also do you can actually get a piece of lace and lay it on top cut the shape and actually you can put it under acrylic you can put it on top of the acrylic or gel whatever now you’re doing and then you can paint a clear over top I don’t know how long it would stay with it just the clear on top that that look good too I know you can do with acrylic I’ve done it several times it’s coming that’s cute oh you have a big one the big one at that the ridge in there that’ll work for me or against me and so far you can see it takes a lot less time if you just stamped it but this is kind of fun if you like I’m in grade school live the different variation we’ll do some of the bottom to crawling just have decided what yet can you just steady hand to do the tip here this is a little bit awkward and a feeling quite a bit with the dots just to create that Lacey on a pattern ok pinky doing way too much he’s almost the hardest because you can’t really give any tension with a you know ok


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