Grant’s 1st Nail Fill – Step By Step Tutorial

Nail Art Designs . d minus nu nu in gaining red growing I’m here for Phil today it’s been three weeks I haven’t got my nails and i’m here for Phil and Suze would say let’s get started Wow grant your nails are still on after three weeks I haven’t hit them really great that’s pretty good and you did push back the cuticles ok i’m not perfect now I knew that all the way back to Cuba granted the nail biter in three weeks ago we put this new set on your nail biters still have them on and not pick at them and put them is pretty fantastic today we’re going to do a film i’ll show you how that’s done step by step hey thank you the whole process of a nail field is to replace what it’s grown away from you can see specifically.

nail art tutorial

when you push the cuticle back you can see how much we need to fill in with the black polish on it really does give us a good indication so we’re going to do today is Buffalo this up and replace what has grown out that’s what a nail feel is some place is called rebalancing and that’s essentially what we’re doing so when a natural male has acrylic sitting on top as a national grows the acrylic Rose with we are filling in that gap that now a big space ok so the first thing i do is push back grants cuticles he hasn’t been pushing the back but actually they don’t look that brand grant yeah so I just do it with the gentle orange wood stick it’s a wood stick so it’s really soft and I just gently do it with all fingers cuticle is dead name itself is a dead tissue you can cut that back don’t want to cut the skin back laughing very bad just want to cut the excess cuticle and when you push back a little bit sometimes you’ll see that excess cuticle the reason.

Why I don’t soak it in water first and soften those cuticles with any oils I don’t want any oil to penetrate into the natural nail bed causing the product possibly lift we don’t need to give a nail-biter any excuses to want to pull that or tug a door I age or anything like that ok because i’ll find a check that what you will find it so i did put gel polish on their last time we did them so i’m just going to file all that off right now and prep these for the film Oh grant you want shortened yeah yeah yeah I don’t know now now I and that pinky we’re going to shorten that guy right yes you could get rid of it did you find that if that would be great is gonna get caught on anything while taking is very difficult with it No yeah it’d be you would be my favorite think you could do that it was fun it was my one last year was a good good three weeks you know that some looks he is good so whenever I sit down with a client when they were filled this is the number one thing I usually ask them is it with like the shortened some clients like to reshape some clients just want to shorten your son – don’t want to shorten always check with them first congrats case that was pretty sure he wanted to make sure you get the general run yeah you don’t need to hide I don’t know anything so i just kind of sit here and accuse me like that yeah he’s just simply file it and it comes off really easy.

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I mean it was polish of course you just use remover but this is Chelsea was just going to gently file it off I did these nails in a beige color with the part that i was using so we couldn’t have it would be very very natural and that’s what it’s going to be at once i get this black off at this time we would finish there may be a little bit more natural here we go hi goodbye old friend I’ll miss you there’s a couple ways you can trim down a long finger like this this isn’t a true stiletto it’s kind of a short stiletto yeah that’s sure it is yeah some subtle as you likely know from the cute wow yeah so you can chop it down like you would a tree so sort of digging in halfway kind of say you keep going until it breaks off but this is really serious I have mad respect for anyone who wears stilettos and like seriously I had this friend of the easy came in and have them done and he wears stilettos and they are long and pointed you just weary looks good with them to panic I know what I’m doing the fact that this is a car by bit you don’t know how to control this guy don’t use it to practice with it first okay see that little separation and wow wait ah look at that that was scary ok I survived it I’m just gonna shorten the rest of this and we can always determine the length here is more fine-tuned it later it’s just jela so we have touchscreens at work and I kind of love using these nails on the do you always do you mean you can hear the clicking oh yeah I love that yeah like yeah I want to pass it yes yes you can get that awesome friends are you going to like this short right ah well as long as I can still hear the clicking on the touch screen at work i mean i’m happy i think i think right now I can’t really hear to do sounding click well that they’ll grow it will is apparently they grow fat well or nails actually grow fast grant that’s a fast growth what causes that no you take your vitamins you know you’re a healthy oh yeah those Winstone’s you know LOL yeah yeah you haven’t heard that past the fence to invite a video taste good okay have adult vitamins but i don’t really get me some stuff that’s going to be our new you can graduate to those Wendy you’re all grown up now I’m 34 l grown up then maybe maybe not what we’ll be doing when you’re 34 well I’ll still be biting my nails I’ll still be doing now yeah you know whether it’s only 12 years from now through did I take it at work someone I was dropping off food there and someone at the table there and someone recognized else this is total 100 true recognize the nail yeah yeah she’s like sushi did your nails she’s like your grant and I was like yeah I felt something at work yes one that I said he was that yeah yeah one hundred percent she saw the video where she just she saw the video yeah and like recently moved here yeah i think america or something it was and she’s yeah you oh that’s a riot hmm No so thank you for all this opportunity for me to be getting married man shocks sucks so you do some education right now she’s going to teach go ahead get you do them so when you are doing a fill the important thing is when you’re doing any type of film whether it’s a nail-biter or just a regular felt you and make sure that there is no lifting if there’s any lifting the lifting must come off think about it this way you don’t want to put new product on a lifted product first of all it’s not very pretty second of all can cause a whole lot of problems so amazingly enough you don’t even having any lifting so that may be a test to my amazing work obviously attest to the product thank you to test your not pulling out it could be the test that they would just build structurally really good for whatever you do at work when you get a customer that’s coming for a fill their nails tell a story and that story is what wear and tear they have been putting on their nails from the time that I haven’t seen them you know everything that they’re doing in a day and sometimes you can see little hairline cracks on the side those are stress cracks maybe it just needed to be a little bit stronger in this area here so nails do tell a story these fingers here are the busiest fingers and the thumbs so they can be the most wear and tear and put grant is a really good usually when a nail-biter comes back we’ve kind of talked a little and they kind of lifted it but you didn’t I went for the hangnails but I’ve avoided the nails and just stayed around what I’d like sort of rub my teeth go ahead and it’s so I was that you know I could bite this but my teeth with brakes no and I bring up a good point I made them a little thicker for granted because he is a nail-biter and I didn’t want him to bite through them generally i don’t like my nails to be that thing but I needed him to get past this first few weeks because if we get them past these few weeks we get a little lengthen that maybe we can break the habit a little bit and we feel the nails in and they just keep growing and they become really naturally can make them a little bit thinner so that’s part of my method behind my madness it’s not practice it’s madness


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