Mermaid Tails Nail Art

Nail Art Designs . I today are going to do mermaid tails in a stiletto they’re really cool this is the fun part about being a nail technician is all these cool design I’m going to first start with buffing it up just want to buff the surface of the nail up a little bit this is obviously not a real nail but i find the fake ones to you can pop it just a little bit and it helps the product strict a little bit better and then i’m going to form it with the super-long stiletto form it’s really cool you don’t have too little forms you can just take two regular forms and then put them together I’ve already preformed it so i can just slip it on for speed they don’t stick so great to these fake and sometimes but sometimes you kind of have to hold it so i’m going to lay down the mermaid tail but I want to be putting it on top of a background scenery so in this case i’m using a very very light mint green to simulate ocean.

Mermaid Tails Nail Art

I’m going to put my mom a tail up in there so I’m just don’t there’s no need to put all the ocean back I’m just gonna wait it out so now i’m going to lay in the mermaid tail I’m going to shape it a little i’m going to define it later with some black paint so I’m gonna trying to lay it in with some sort of shape of them mermaid tail black people define it but this is just sort of bringing it so there’s a swirl of the mermaid tail you can see starting to form and this is a stiletto so we will need to continue down further with making this the little shape and this is where the sum of the scales will be and swirls and stuff i’m going to add bring it right into a stiletto awesome I lay down the swirl of the mermaid tail the nice darker colors now I’m going to add this beautiful shimmer i hope you can see this blue absolutely gorgeous I’m going to lay it in to highlight the whole design that.

I’ve done for the mermaid tail just to give it some dimension and depth and some lightness very very pretty oh yeah it’s beautiful i’m really loving it so i think we’re going to add quite a bit of it ok so for the next step but my little white square tissue people whatever you want to do but i’m going to just throw some sparkles shimmers nail art things that you can you might find that it will blend with colors that you’re looking forward to create dimension in the tail and these are really cute they’re just um I think their shells actually they’re cut in the shape of their main tails so again I might throw a few of those on a mushroom and garlic and take a boot I really loved the these are almost see through there like fish scales and they have a blue tone to them and but they will move them they have a prison look so they have to pick up the light in different ways these are beautiful these are like scales as well they’re just a lighter color I find there a little bit brighter than the ones i just put on the table just put them on this paper towel piece of paper whatever you want I’m gonna pick those up with my brush get a little bit of liquid and you can literally just pick them up and place them as you would see in real life scales on a real live mermaid i’m going to use those shells that.

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I talked about they’re really very beautiful as I turn it can you see the shimmer of the different dimensions of the scales now we’re going to take a clear capping layer and put a board top of the old design to be able to protect what you’ve done it’s going to look a little ugly because it gets a little bit cloudy at first but once we bought it and shine it up gorgeous yeah you’re going to want to take a fairly big ball we’re going to do several balls but just clear cap your whole design and just in case what you have done right in there this will take a lot of product sometimes the designs that you put in the jewels and embellishments and things you put in sometimes want to move to try to put it right over top let the ball settle for a little bit and then just kind of push it over top of your design so it doesn’t move and just keep doing that until you go to the tip and then you’re done yeah I think one or two more beads is going to take care of these I’m just gonna put one on the end just to make sure it’s nice and strong now i’m just going to check my structure make sure everybody is encased in there make sure everybody’s happy okay that looks pretty good I think I’ve in case anybody got a good arch on their everything solid in there just give it a couple minutes to dry and then we’ll start filing ok so I’ve been a couple of minutes and it’s nice and dry and that’s a good test to make sure that it is and now i’m going to start filing it up still let those are pretty much you know shaped for you anyway you’re just basically smoothing it and making it nice and shaped what you want your bumps and lumps anywhere okay I’m just gonna file it up shape it up a little make sure the sides are nice and straight nobody would really know it’s a mermaid tail at this point seriously it’s really when you start drawing it on there that it starts to see ourselves as losing your fingers here and just make sure you take a look at it make sure it’s nice and smooth and ready for the paint dust ok now we’re going to paint the shape of the mermaid tail exaggerated what I’ve done here in the neck and I even kind of bring it around and I even draw a little scales in there just try to draw some fish tail scales just use your imagination whatever you think maybe google a mermaid just get some ideas sometimes those designs that i put in there i’ll even go around them a little if you can see that sometimes you’re a little bit hard to see but if you can see them sure around and sometimes when i get me and i’ll just do it fish tails just get Jackie just doing wat ok I think that’s happening so now I’ve come to the calligraphy design on there just gonna get the paint few seconds to dry and now i’m going to paint the top coat this is when a design comes to life i’m going to add some jewels I’m going to do it after the top coat is here okay we’ve talked coded it and now we’re going to add our bling mermaid gotta have blank and i just put a little dab of wherever I want that bling to be lovely it is but you can’t just have to let it happen not numbers I’m probably just going to add another one right there beauty I love it before I sit down and do a design i will literally draw it out on paper – and get an idea of maybe where I want things or I even do samples and test them out different colors different combinations of colors to make sure i get the one that I want


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